The best simulation game for men in town is here. Your wait is over, as Bacchikoi is all set to be played by every one of you. You can enjoy this simulation game that gives you the next level of satisfaction. This game is specifically made for men with unlimited scenes and an amazing storyline. Download it for free now from our website and enjoy the anime simulation game. These kinds of games are very rare and not very popular. But for people who once start playing it then there is no going back.

If you are one of those people who love playing background simulation games, then this article is all for you. Read it till the end and get all insights related to the game. The Bacchikoi APK is one of the popular simulation games with several anime characters and a storyline. The game is mostly based on the baseball team. Your character can choose what role they want to play. You can play a game just like you are reading a novel and taking part in it. It has a unique storyline with different characters in a line.

There are many characters in the game available to be chosen by the players. You can create and be involved in the scenes to fully enjoy the game. It revolves around the novel storyline and gives you a chance to take part in that novel story. There are mostly simulation apps but it is different from other anime games. You can show your emotions in the game and can easily vent your anger. You can make changes in the scenes by your reactions and actions to the stimulation.

What Are The Features Of Bacchikoi?

Get the game for free and play basketball matches for free with great anime characters. You will have to take the role of famous Japanese anime cartoons. It is up to you what character you want to choose but you have all anime characters to play with. You Toshu Kanada, Masura Nakhara, Ichiru Yanai and many more. All simulation games need some advancements and trending tools to play with. The game has the following unique features as follows,


The focus of the game is to provide the experience of Courtship without Courtship in real. To all the men outside who have different likes and dislikes and play this game and check what is right to do in real life. You can become a part of a basketball team and it has strong players that attract you. These anime characters in the game give you all you are looking for.

Hundreds of players

The game is based on a basketball game and allows you to be friends with other team players. The storyline of the game revolves around the basketball game. It is a famous game in Japan and the anime game is created by Japanese developers. They have made the game as per the demand of the people outside. It has many anime characters that you can choose from and be what you want to.

Interesting characters or Heroes

As you can see there are many characters in one session of the game. The story is about a high school student who has enrolled in a basketball club where he meets with talented fellows. As a high school student, you will meet Ichiru, Masaru, Mrs saki, Tomoka, Genji, Sohma, and many other characters of school students. It shows you the scene from different parts of the school and makes it look real. You can enjoy your baseball game in school as before.

Unique storyline

All the simulation games are based on a particular story and it follows that storyline. You can become a director of your story and act accordingly in the story. You can turn the situations right way or wrong way based on your thoughts and perceptions. The story of Bacchikoi is about a high school student who joins a basketball team and gets intimated by the players.

Anime graphics

This game has some of the amazing visuals with great anime graphics. You can be amazed by the visuals that are beyond your imagination. All the anime characters feel real and the combination of everything is outclassed. The anime visuals in the game give you an experience of enjoying everything as in real life.

Amazing interface

As discussed above the anime graphics are outclassed, and the interface of the game is its first step. You can open the app and see the classy interface of the app. I love to play this game because of its amazing visuals and just by looking at the interface you get to know about the gaming techniques. The interface uses strong and easy algorithms so that a layman can understand what to do and how to do it.

Play With Friends

There is most amazing feature of the app as it allows you to play with your friends and gives you a chance to behave like a pro with your friends and family members. You can create groups of family and can play different games with different people.

What’s new in the latest Bacchikoi APK V1.0.14?

The Bacchikoi APK Latest Version has a lot of new things in it. The storyline has been improved with new stages and missions. You can complete the previous challenges and follow the upcoming missions to make the game interesting. The latest version has the following new things.

  • You can now play more simulations and unique techniques will be available to play in that simulation easily.
  • There are many new characters added to the list. You can choose from them and show your empathy for others.
  • The game does not involve and support any third-party ads anymore.
  • The game has increased the speed of the player and all the players can now see each other being fast.
  • The game has the latest techniques to fight with the enemies and win the game easily.


An amazing simulation game that has everything that you are looking for in any simulation game. There are many simulation games like Avakin Life, The Sims 4, and Training Slayer but the storyline of this game is very different and unique. You can download the Bacchikoi APK free from this website and start playing the game with your old friends and family members. You can become a pro of this game and enjoy your free time.

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March 12, 2024